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Sun & Sea City by ME D'Agostino
Photo by George Post

September 7, 2011:
November 2011
I am just too busy to ship orders in a timely fashion until then. I still have a few tools, but there is a lot of glass, enamel, lab grown gemstones, CZs, and natural gemstones. That weekend I will re-list the remaining inventory at rock-bottom, below-cost prices. If you can't wait and want to call me and discuss what is available and pricing, please contact me at 510 - 501 - 2378.

Mary Ellin

April 2011:

All merchandise listed is at closeout prices (as marked). I am streamlining my business to focus on teaching (the part I love) and de-emphasize selling (the part I don't love).

I will still have basic tools, supplies, metal clay, and classes avialable. I will also be beefing up the educational features on my website, so you will be seeing more tips, tricks, directions, research results, and technical information posted here. Sorry, no discounts on metal clays or tools that are not closeouts.

I know the pictures are missing on many objects. I will get the pictures for the new lab gem offerings tomorrow--I am too tired tonight.

Natural Gems: I haven't gotten my natural gem inventory re-priced, pictured, and up on the website. I will be doing this over the next week. I have a large selection of rainbow moonstone, gray and pink moonstone, sapphires (all colors), ruby, amethyst, citrine, tsavorite, and more.

If you are located in the SF Bay Area, you can make an appointment to pick out merchandise in person.

Our NEW PHONE NUMBER is 510-501-2378.

Silver prices remain extremely volatile. Check the silver market at Kitcosilver.com to find out what the price of silver is doing.

Returns Policy: NO RETURNS. All sales during the liquidation period are final.

“Clay” that Turns Into Metal!?

Abandon ideas of traditional jewelry construction and embrace an outside-the-box 21st century material—metal clay—to create beautiful objects to wear or display. Bronze, Copper, Silver, and Gold Clays, composed of very finely powdered metal, organic binders, and water, can be worked like ceramic clay. When fired, the binder burns away resulting in pure metal jewelry or sculptural objects.

Metal Clays are here to stay. The first commercial silver and gold metal clays (PMC) were developed by Mitsubishi Corporation in the mid 1990's using finely powdered silver or gold, a non-toxic organic binder and water. The result was a soft workable material that could be shaped like clay and fired. Several product generations later, competition by Aida Corporation (Art Clay), and the most recent development of bronze and copper clays (by Metal Adventures and Hadar Jacobson) have proven that metal clays are popular media among hobbiests, crafters, and professional jewelry artists. The new base metal clays promise to bring the uses of metal clay into the repetoir of the "fine arts" as well.

Metal Clays can be combined with gemstones, glass, ceramics, resins, other metals, and other materials to create beautiful jewelry and sculptural pieces. The possibilities are endless. The clay is worked with simple tools and, depending on the type, can be fired in a kiln or with a small hand-held torch.

Mary Ellin D'Agostino, Ph. D.
San Pablo, CA 94806
Phone:  510-501-2378