San Francisco Bay Area Metal Clay Guild

The SFBA Silver Clay Guild (SFBASCG) is a California non-profit corporation dedicated to educating artists and the general public about silver, gold, copper, and bronze metal clays. We have a Yahoo groups email list, hold bi-monthly meetings around the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and sponsor classes and workshops on metal clay and related topics. Come to a face-to-face meeting or visit us online at

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Frequently asked questions

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Online membership to the group is free, but we have to pay for our meeting spaces, so people who come to meetings must make a membership donation to the group. The first meeting is free. After that, attendees must pay $10 per meeting or $40 for a full year membership. Click below to join:

June 2011 Workshops:

Two Full-day Workshops on Stone Setting by Lorrene Baum-Davis
June 11-12, 2011, 9am-5pm
Cubberly Center, Palo Alto, CA

Stone Setting in Metal Clay (Saturday): 4 different types of stone setting in a studio sampler or pendant.
Channel Setting Stones in Meta Clay featuring her LEGENDS ring (Sunday).
Price- $200.00 per day, $375.00 for both days
Non-members must also pay $40 membership fee

Classically trained as a goldsmith at the Revere Academy of Jewelry in San Francisco, award winning artist, Lorrene J. Baum-Davis has been creating one-of-a-kind art jewelry since 1985. She owned New Beginnings Gallery of Jewelry and Fine Art with her husband, Philip, in El Dorado Hills, California, for eleven years.

In 2000, they retired and closed the gallery. She then became a full time jewelry designer, teacher and graphic artist.
In the 1990's, Baum-Davis fell in love with the polymers and metal clays and immersed herself in these mediums and eventually began teaching metal clay and polymer clay artistic skills. She is one of eight Master Instructors in Art Clay Silver (USA), and teaches certification workshops to future Level I and Senior Instructors. Her art and techniques have been featured in newspapers and magazines All of her artwork is copywrited.

Workshop fees are not refundable. However, you can transfer (sell) your spot to another person. We have this policy becuase we must pay for the workshop space and teacher whether registrants show up or not!

Davis Workshop Registration (non-refundable)

We are working on some fantastic visiting artist workshops for later in 2011. We will post more as soon as we firm up the details.


Past Workshops:

May 2010 Holly Gage Workshop

The SFBA Metal Clay Guild will sponsored 2 day workshop by Holly Gage featuring her Negative Space Caning and Metal Clay Repouseé techniques. For more info on Holly Gage, check out her website at

Repoussé Effects in Metal Clay: Learn the secrets of transforming original photos or drawings into highly detailed, low relief images, which look similar in style to traditional Repoussé. Discover how to wet-work a reverse polymer mold of your image; manipulate the clay and use tools to create different hand-wrought textural effects; and to carve details for the finishing touch. The Repoussé effect is only achieved by this technique and is different from photopolymer plates. The results are unique and original, beautifully echoing the hand of the artist.

Negative Space Caning: This technique will allow you to look at Metal Clay construction in a whole new way. We will use combustible materials layered with Metal Clay to create filigree chambers, which are perfect for inlaying polymer, resin and more. Your finished piece will be of your own design and various finishing options will be covered.

January 2010
The SFBA Metal Clay Guild was a sponsor for the California Mini-Retreat Jan 14-18, 2010 at Mills College in Oakland, California. Click here for details:

Barbara Becker Simon Workshop
Sept 8 and Sept 9, 2009

The SFBA Silver Clay Guild is proud to present a workshop with internationally known PMC artist, Senior Instructor and Author Barbara Becker Simon. Join Barbara in this 2 day midweek workshop were she'll be demonstrating projects from her new book "Metal Clay Beads".

Day 1 - Wire Armature Beads: Barbara will show us how to build hollow forms using a wire armature. Attendees will learn how to use wire to create a support structure on which to drape the metal clay, building a form, and creating unique and interesting shapes. This innovative technique will expand your design skills and add another level of artistry to your current bead making repertoire.

Day 2 - "Box in a Box" Bead: Attendees will learn how to construct a box bead unlike any other: a box bed with another box set inside of it. The resulting effect is that of a window. Using primarily dry construction techniques, Barbara will guide us step-by-step in this useful and unique process. After the bead is fired, we'll fill the window with UV Resin and you'll have a chance to embed items into the window. Small found objects, photos, small beads, anything that adds visual interest and helps to customize your bead.


A Glorious Summer Garden Enameling Workshop
Offered by Mary Ellin D’Agostino & Olivia Competente
Sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Silver Clay Guild
Saturday & Sunday, July 18-19, 2009, 9am-5pm, San Pablo, CA (East SF Bay Area)

Come learn essential enameling techniques on metal clay. “Grow” colorful flowers by mixing vitreous enamel “fertilizer” into your silver clay using Mary Ellin’s method for making colorful silver jewelry. Create a beautiful and colorful dragonfly to flit among your garden of jewelry using Olivia’s perfected techniques for creating silver clay Plique-à-jour enameled pieces. Enamels and low fire silver clays can be combined to create beautiful blooms and other forms. We will cover metal clay construction techniques specially designed for enameling on including how to create a Plique-à-jour enameled dragonfly using syringe clay and how to mix enamels directly into the metal clay and build beautiful blooms. Get hands-on experience with what works and what doesn’t without wasting a lot of time, money, and silver while adding permanent color to your silver clay masterpieces.