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Mary Ellin D'Agostino, Ph. D.

San Pablo, CA 94806–4212
Phone / Fax:  510-236-2313 mary@medacreations.com



  Award winning teacher.

  Extensive teaching experience in a wide range settings to students of all ages.

  Manage staff of 2–6; organize and run classes of 6–130.

  Certified Senior Instructor for PMC Connection and Art Clay USA

Professional Experience:

Teaching & Management

Silver Clay:  Senior teacher for PMC Connection, distributor of PMC+, Mitsubishi Corp., manufacturer of Precious Metal Clay.  Inactive Senior Instructor for Art Clay USA, US subsidiary of Aida Corp., the manufacturer of Silver and Gold Art Clay.

Taught individuals and groups of 2–130 students in classroom and informal settings.

Supervised staff of 2–6 in field and laboratory settings:  California, Maryland, Virginia, Jamaica, and Bermuda

Organized numerous museum exhibits, conference sessions, and archaeological projects.

Carried long and short-term projects from conception through completion.

Produced work to meet deadlines while maintaining high quality standards.

Editing & Writing:

Over six years of editing experience: Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers, computer manuals, research reports, undergraduate and graduate student papers and theses.

Write for audiences of all levels from short articles to book length works.

Quickly find, review, index, and summarize topical literature.

Analysis & Research:

Expertise in education, reference, and library searching; specializing in categorization, home and work life, social and cultural analysis.

Extensive experience in using and analyzing academic and information related internet sites.

Expert in qualitative and quantitative analysis; created and analyzed large databases.

Present results at professional meetings.

Quickly learn, apply, and teach new methods of analysis.

Computer & Internet:

Expert in data collection and processing, database creation, management, data access and querying table and text based collections.

Taught general computer skills, database and Internet research, desktop publishing and presentation to individuals and large groups.

Windows (3.X, 9X), NT, DOS, UNIX, Netscape, Explorer, telnet, FTP, SPSS, SQL, wide range of database programs, desktop and internet publishing, some HTML.

Employment History:

Independent Consultant.

2000–present   Silver Clay Instruction and Sales

1998–present   Computer Consulting and Training

Archaeological Research Facility, University of California, Berkeley

1999–present   Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

1989-1998       Ph.D. Candidate.

1988-1993       Instructor (various titles and courses)

Anthropological Studies Center, Sonoma State University and the California Department of Transportation, Ronhert Park and Oakland

      1994-1995       Archaeological Field and Lab Specialist, Cypress Archaeological Project.

Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

1987-1994       Senior Museum Preparator.

1986-1987       Museum Preparator.

1984-1986       Student Intern & Volunteer.

Division of Diving Control, University of California, Berkeley

1987-1993       Senior Instructor, Assistant Instructor:  Introduction to Scientific Diving.

Instructional Computing and Collections Facility, University of California, Berkeley

1987-1992       System Operator.

Related Experience & Service:

    1998-present    Historic cooking demonstrations, Northern California Renaissance Fairs

    1996-present    Peer review of articles and books. Society for Historical Archaeology.

    1993-present    Lecturer (middle school–adult), Archaeology Outreach Program, Archaeological Research Facility.

    1989-present    Instructor, Cardiff Rose Fencing Academy, California Renaissance Fairs.

    1993-1996       Editor and Co-president of the Kroeber Anthropological Society.

    1989-1994       Archaeologist and Project Leader, St. Georges’ Excavations,
                             Bermuda National Trust and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

    1984-1988       Various positions (crewmember–supervisor), seasonal archaeological
                             projects in California, Virginia, Maryland, and Jamaica.

Honors & Awards:

    1999                Register of Professional Archaeologists

    1996-1997       Stahl Grant. Archaeological Research Facility.

    1993-1995       Townsend Center for the Humanities Working Group Grant.

    1992                Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award for Excellence in Teaching. 

    1987-1992       Robert H. Lowie Grant. Five grants awarded.

    1988-1990       California State Graduate Fellowship.


Ph. D. (1998), M. A. (1989), A. B. (1986), Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley