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As many of you know, Carl and I participate in Renaissance Faires in Northern California as part of the Carfiff Rose Swordsmen's Guild and Cardiff Rose Fencing Academy.   In 2004 I won the Spelndidious Illusions (food sculpture) contest at the Marin Renaissance Faire.

My entry, on behalf of the Guild was Firing Meat Cannons.   We had lots of fun playing with our food.  Tasty afterward too!  Carl made the spring loaded firing mechanisms and I did the rest.

ThumbCannonLeft.jpg (16226 bytes)                      ThumbCannonRogjt.jpg (16289 bytes)
Cannons to the Left    and Cannos to the Right.

These were pork and lamb roasts on carriages of smoked cheddar with onion wheels on a field of grains.  The cannon crews had to declare for Rosemary or Sage (the decorative motifs) and then had at each other  firing:
Grape Shot (grapes)
Hard Shot (hazel nuts)
Bird Shot (goose berries)
Hot Shot (jalapeo stuffed peppers)
Bar Shot (garlic stuffed martini olives)
Exploding Shot aka Cherry Bombs (cherries)

ThumbCannonsRighLeft.jpg (16628 bytes)                                      ThumbReadyAimFire.jpg (15766 bytes)
Cannons all around.                                          Ready, Aim, Fire!  (Carl and Emily do the honors)

Also, would you believe that that bowl of fruit is actually Marzipan?!