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I have always been attracted to artistic endeavors as social commentary and as “feasts for the eyes.”  My most effective work combines both beauty and cultural meaning.  My training in Anthropology and Archaeology has helped me to refine my vision and methods of expression.  My Academic and field studies have exposed me to different cultures, both past and present, focusing my interest in the meeting of cultures and human interaction.  I find art to be the most immediate and satisfying means of expressing and exploring these interests.

I have worked with pencil, pastels, all types of paint, wood, cloth, glass, metal, and clay.   Now, with Silver and Gold Clays, I have found a medium that really speaks to me and for me.  Rather than an object d’art that hangs on a wall, this art becomes part of a person’s declaration of self-identity.  Wearable art and personal embellishment are an essential part of what makes us human and my efforts with metal clays have allowed me to create pieces that express the wearer’s mood and sense of self.

Specializing in Archaeology, Material Culture, and Museum Studies, I completed my PhD in Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley in 1998.  I have made teaching a significant part of my life and have been granted awards for my work with students.  I have over 10 years experience teaching students of all ages in a variety of academic, artistic, and physical activities.

I have long held an interest in popular and fine cultural arts and have trained in drawing, pastels, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, dichroic glass, and, of course, silver clay.  I have studied most recently with Dichroic Glass Master John Brauchi and Silver Clay Masters Mary Ann and Ken Devos.  I am currently a Senior Instructor in PMC+ for PMC Connection and certified by the PMC Guild.

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